Give Me My Beach


I want to feel the warm summer breeze that comes off the beautiful blue sky that is over the ocean. I want to feel the level of peace and love that I get when I am sitting on my board at 6:30 in the morning right before the sun rise. This peacefulness and right state of mind will be very nice to have again when finals are done. I am sure that once all my finals are done that this level of calmness will come back to me with ease. Finals are the exact opposite of surfing stands for. So I can not wait to get back on my board and have that relaxed no judgment feeling. It is the best feeling ever and if that is what like taking your last final feels like, well the 17th needs to hurry the hell up.


Choices or Choices???

I like this talk about making tuff choices because we encounter these daily. She did a great job of explain how to evaluate choices when we need to make one that will effect us greatly. I am actually going to try her technique the next time I need to make a big choice. I liked how she gave examples through out her to talk to help relate it to everyone, this made her ideas easier to understand and proves that they work. These tricks are not just for adults; they van be used by people of all ages which is really nice especially with finals coming up soon.

hard choices

Wait Till the Last Minute Why Don’t You

My biggest problem with school is always waiting to the last minute to finish assignments. It depends on the project more so than anything else. When it come to drafting I work better under pressure but not when it is Late because then I don’t care as much and my work gets sloppy. I write my papers better when I don’t wait till the last minute. How ever I know this and I still do this again and again. I believe that it is the pressure that helps motivate me and get it done.


Money Buys Happiness for Others

I do agree with this ted talk that you are happier if you spend money on someone else than yourself. You feel the effect more when you give to someone else. One summer night I just got off work and was going home. It was 1 in the morning and I have worked all day. I stopped at the McDonalds on my way home and got two cheese burgers and a fries and a large drink. I drove off to the corner where there was a light and a homeless man was asking for money but he could not see in my car due to my dark windows. At first I was happy he couldn’t see me because I felt bad because I wanted to help but didn’t have any cash on me. I let when the light turned green and about a mile away I realized that I haven’t ate any of my food yet, so I turned around and went back to the spot where I saw him. I rolled down my window and told that I don’t have any money on me but I do have the food I just got and haven’t ate any of it yet. I knew this wasn’t much, but it was something. He was beyond thankful and he told me that not many kids give him things and he asked me what I was going to eat now. I told him that I was on my way home from work and that I had left overs I am going to eat at home. I finished talking to him and left for home. I smiled and felt so good better than I would of as if I ate the food myself. I got home and ate a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich when I got home and for some reason it tasted better than ever. So I do agree that if you buy other people or help out someone in need that it makes you way happier than if you buy something for yourself.


“The Shadow Scholar”

I knew that a few people would pay for people to do there work at the lower lever but I never knew it went to these extremes. Here we are getting taught by teachers that could have cheated on there papers and now there getting upset with us because we didn’t properly cite a source. Cheating is one of my biggest pet peeves and knowing that people who now get paid very well because of papers that they did not write themselves.

This teaches people that they can get through life by paying off people. You may be able to do this but you get no sense of pride through this process. I know a person that was actually in high school and was taking college algebra and a kid who was pretty wealthy approached him and asked him to do his homework for him. He agreed and the college kid paid him $20 for every homework assignment and $50 for every take home test.

Knowing that my friend was helping him get a grade that he didn’t disserve bother me greatly. But my friend told me that it was easy money and that it was going toward his college education, so I just let it happen and regret it now.

f for cheating

“Why is the 30 Not the New 20”

I liked how the ted talked questioned todays beliefs. This video brought a new aspect of what the next 10 years are going to bring to me. After I graduate I will have couple years to take risk with my career and relationships, but not as long as I think I do. If you get a great opportunity don’t waste it for a stupid reason, go ahead and take it and see where it goes.

When she said that knowing people and asking for a job or other parts to have a “head start” than other people stood out to me, I did this when I was looking for an internship my senior year. One of my good friend’s dad was a very well known architect in Wilmington. It is only him and another lady that works in his firm and he doesn’t want other people working for him. However, because my connection with him I was aloud to intern with him for a semester.

The internship worked out so well for me that he has now offered me to get a paid internship with him when I am ready for that process in my college career. I can relate to this ted the most out of any other that we have seen so far. Especially since I am turning 20 in the spring and I don’t have my life all the way together even though it is getting 20.jpg