“The Shadow Scholar”

I knew that a few people would pay for people to do there work at the lower lever but I never knew it went to these extremes. Here we are getting taught by teachers that could have cheated on there papers and now there getting upset with us because we didn’t properly cite a source. Cheating is one of my biggest pet peeves and knowing that people who now get paid very well because of papers that they did not write themselves.

This teaches people that they can get through life by paying off people. You may be able to do this but you get no sense of pride through this process. I know a person that was actually in high school and was taking college algebra and a kid who was pretty wealthy approached him and asked him to do his homework for him. He agreed and the college kid paid him $20 for every homework assignment and $50 for every take home test.

Knowing that my friend was helping him get a grade that he didn’t disserve bother me greatly. But my friend told me that it was easy money and that it was going toward his college education, so I just let it happen and regret it now.

f for cheating


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