“Why is the 30 Not the New 20”

I liked how the ted talked questioned todays beliefs. This video brought a new aspect of what the next 10 years are going to bring to me. After I graduate I will have couple years to take risk with my career and relationships, but not as long as I think I do. If you get a great opportunity don’t waste it for a stupid reason, go ahead and take it and see where it goes.

When she said that knowing people and asking for a job or other parts to have a “head start” than other people stood out to me, I did this when I was looking for an internship my senior year. One of my good friend’s dad was a very well known architect in Wilmington. It is only him and another lady that works in his firm and he doesn’t want other people working for him. However, because my connection with him I was aloud to intern with him for a semester.

The internship worked out so well for me that he has now offered me to get a paid internship with him when I am ready for that process in my college career. I can relate to this ted the most out of any other that we have seen so far. Especially since I am turning 20 in the spring and I don’t have my life all the way together even though it is getting there.new 20.jpg


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