I found this website that had the top ten “coolest” work places. This website is a great starting point for my paper because not only does it tell me the top ten “coolest” places to work but, it also has links leading right to there websites. This will be very helpful later on when I am looking for credible sites about a certain work place. If you are interested into designs or just awesome building that make the work place more productive, or even if you just want to explore my mine and what I will strive for one day, take a look at this website. It has some really cool photos of all different types of buildings ad designs.


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Stories Are Not Just Words

As my dirty lead is marking on virgin territory and making its past very clear to everyone else. My lead that is clothed by a blue metal casing and silver grip, this is my tool for claiming what is truly mine and will later become more than a story. Some people see this lead holder as just a lead holder, I see him as super hero named Craig. Craig has told a lot of stories already in his life, big ones and little ones, abstract ones and simplistic ones. The stories that my dear friend Craig have told are similar but yet very different to the novels you and I read daily. He uses his creative mind and creates chapters in his novels.

I have known Craig for four years now and he has never told the same story twice. He sometimes borrows bits and pieces from some of his older novels that he truly likes. He stole these ideas because he agreed with the rhythm and contrast of his past novel. He constructs the beginning of his novel just like every other writer does with a bubble map or other rough sketches of what he wants his main ideas to look like. Craig works in this room filled with many desks but some have the same view and some have different views. Craig and I happen to have the same view as each other. We were lucky enough to be able to look upon the outside world through a slightly dusty sheet of glass. This glass was the separation of the real world and our imaginations going crazy. Another group of people were not so lucky; they have to stare at a lifeless brick wall. Looking at this wall would drive me nuts feeling trapped inside my mind not allowing Craig to be creative as he breaks in the newly recruited paper.

Craig writes the same as everyone else does by moving himself up and down, side to side to create words, sentences, chapters, and novels. However, he spells differently, actually he doesn’t spell at all. That’s “write”, he doesn’t write anything with words. Craig tells his unique story by marking a series of marks and figures on the paper.

Craig and I have been a team since day one in drafting class, my freshman year. This is the first time I have truly understood the concept chapters and plots within a novel. Even though drafting isn’t most people ideal form of writing, it is mine. I could see the full picture or the “plot” before I finished the drawing. Spelling and making stories flow was always hard for me, however I can make my drawings flow into one another.

I discovered this amazing gift of drafting my freshman year and fell in love with it only two weeks in. I always love geometric drawings so I excelled faster than rest of my classmates. I was the kid that could write that “perfect” draft the first time, but this time it wasn’t with words but with a series of lines.

Craig became my best friend in my drafting class. We learned how to make every angle possible with only two simple triangles. We spent the first couple of weeks completing all the assignments that were given out for the semester. Once my teacher realized that Craig and I achieved high skill level faster than normal he pulled me aside. He said “this is one of my old drafting books from college, look through this book and try to some of the drawing in here”. Craig and I took the challenge of the book. Together we drew the first half of the book. We meet many other friends along the way that widen my horizons of drafting. I was introduced to protractors, different kinds of leads, compasses, and many more, this made Craig’s stories more interesting. After doing these drawing for two weeks and having rest of my work done for that class already I went up to my teacher ad showed him my drawing and progress. He then asked me “have you ever thought about being an architect or doing anything along those lines?” I told him “I have thought about it in little detail but never seriously.” After our long conversation I decided to to put down Craig for a little and do some research on my computer. I looked into the professional manner more and saw what I had to do, to become an architect.

As the next couple years past Craig and I took a drafting class each year together, even though he didn’t have a choice. We explored the different fields of architecture together. I began to tell more detailed and longer stories with Craig. We begun with a single line and then some more and more. I spent so much time on the littlest detail, a project that should of took me an hour, ended up taking me couple days. I began to fall in love with my work and my work turned into my free time.

This was the first time that I truly understand how to write a paper like no other. I was so proud of my work that I did I didn’t even let the teacher staple it to anything. One thing my teacher did that bothered me and I think pushed me harder than anything else is that he never gave out 100’s. I asked him one day, why is that and he responded with, “no matter how hard you try, how hard you push, how accurate you are, the drawing can always have more detail and be better.” This bothered me so much that I would sit there working on a drawing all night in my free time and bring it in the next day expecting to finally get that 100 but it wasn’t there.

Drafting finally became normal writing for me, I could never get that perfect score I dreamed of. At the end of the semester of my senior year, my teacher asked to speak with me after the class left. I stayed behind that day after class, he handed me a piece of paper. I took this out of his and looked at it, this was my report card of this year with all the assignments and grades listed on them. I read them and saw that he turned all my 99’s into 100’s. I asked him “why”? He smiled and responded with “I have never had a student excel as fast as you did, I couldn’t give you a 100 because I knew you wouldn’t push yourself this way. I gave you a 99 on all your drawings so you would push yourself harder and realize how much you truly like it.” I was astonished by this response.

Later on in that year I shared with my teacher that I got accepted into the architecture program at UNCC, which was my dream. He knew how hard Craig and I worked for this and was very proud of me. It was not until this year I realized that I have been writing my own stories flawlessly. When I here the word writing I now think of Craig and how drafting is my story telling, and I hope I can share that later on with people. I hope to write a novel 25 stories high and have the plot so twisted and abstract that it amazes the readers and they question reality.


                                                              Craig !!!!

Laptops or Nah

Laptop Lecture

I can agree to the no laptop policy. The first week of class I tried taking notes during lectures on my laptop. I found myself getting to worried about making the word document perfect. I wasted too much time putting in bullets and highlighting words that I thought might help me out later. This wasted a lot of time, unlike when I write I can make a bullet in seconds without even thinking. I would also find myself misspelling words on the document and I would have to go back and correct the word because the little red lines bothered me so much. These little things made me miss important slides or facts that my professor was talking about. I also found myself going online sometimes if the professor was being super boring. I mean what else are you going to do if your bored and the entire world is at your finger tips? I might not have the best hand writing, in fact I know I have horrible hand writing that no one can read besides me, but it gets the job done. I found that hand writing notes is more effective for me and causes less distractions during the lecture too.

“From Degrading to De-Grading”

I am indifferent about this article, I agree and disagree with certain parts. Some subjects in school need to be graded and other should not be. I believe that math and English and other subjects should be graded. This will teach students to push them for there goals. In some classes like, architecture, you can not grade people based on there designs. There is no right or wrong way to design something. Architecture is a form of art just like writing and you can not grade creativity. Teachers and professors ask students to be creative all the time, but yet they mark down our grades if they don’t like our creative style. I do believe that there should be certain subjects graded, because we need them in everyday life and grades prove we understand it. However there are certain subjects that should not be graded because it restricts the creative process.grades

“Why I Hate School But Love Education”

I think that this guy did an amazing job with this topic. He definitely defends both sides and gives reason to support his decisions. I would agree with the title though, I do hate school but I love my education. I honestly don’t understand why I am paying to further my education in classes and subjects that I don’t like or will ever use again. It doesn’t makes sense that i have to take these “stupid” classes to fill requirements for my dream job. If you can relate astronomy to Architecture in anyway I will ever use when I own a firm I would love to know. This is the part I strongly agree with him is, why are we stressing and doing things that affect us in a negative way. I am paying to be stressed out and take time away from what I am doing. The reason I hate school in the pass is because they made us take certain courses no matter what even if we had no interest in it, now that I am paying for my education they still have requirements that have nothing to do with my intended major. In the end I do agree with what he is saying, do what you love because it will make you wealthier as a person, to people and yourself.

Shitty First Draft

This passage made me realize that being stumped on a topic or a certain word choice when first writing is normal. I have always had trouble with getting my thoughts down on paper and making them clear to my audience. Reading this article changed my mind and made myself feel more confident in my work. I accepted awhile ago that my first drafts were “shitty”, I just came custom to this idea. However, I have adapted to this and now make many drafts. The fact that the author refers to professional writers having trouble with their first drafts made me realize that its perfectly okay to have a :shitty first draft”.

I also have always had that one kid that can write without thinking. It comes so natural to them, and this bothers me. When the author went into detail, about no one liking that one person made me feel better. They did a good job describing exactly how I feel when i see someone put in no effort and have an almost perfect draft.

All in all this article made myself more confident, I learned you just have to go with it and start somewhere to get where you wanna end. Shitty First Draft